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Claims Administration:

    • Medical:
      • Fully HIPAA EDI-compliant claim receipt and PPO Network Routing.
      • Full Clinical Logic integration to eliminate fraudulent or erroneous billing; Automatic review for inappropriate billing patterns and incompatibilities.
      • Compliance with all applicable regulations, including ERISA, COBRA,
        HIPAA and State surcharge administration (i.e., NY, MA).
      • Auto Adjudication for efficiency and accuracy.
      • Prompt accurate and timely claim processing.

    • Dental:
      • Auto Adjudication for efficiency and accuracy.
      • Prompt accurate and timely claim processing.

    • Vision and Short Term Disability Administration

Section 125/Flex Plans:

  • Integration with medical processing allows for direct rollover of claims – one time submission ease for employees!
  • Direct deposit of payments to employee bank accounts allows for faster processing of payments all the way through to an employee's bank account, eliminating mail time, and trips to the bank!


COBRA/HIPAA Administration

  • Comprehensive Online Enrollment capabilities
    • Broad billing and sub-accounting capabilities
    • Integration with Life, LTD and other carriers for enrollment, consolidated billing.

Fully HIPAA Compliant Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

  • Paperless communication between Wabash American Benefits Group and the Provider Community.
  • Speed, accuracy and efficiency, you can have it all.

Flexible Reporting with online access

Online Web Access 24/7:

  • Claims – real time claim status.
  • Enrollment.
  • Reporting.
  • Administration & Maintenance.

Best in industry contracts:

  • Access to local, regional and national PPO networks.
  • Competitively bid stop loss with the best carriers in the industry.
  • Aggressive Pharmacy contract pricing; clients keep all available rebates.

Client-owned bank accounts – It is your money, after all

100% of fees identified to clients.

  • Full Disclosure.
  • Integrity of Operation.
  • No Conflict of Interest.

No offshore service providers process any of our work at any stage.